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Patrice Catanzaro, fetish clothes for play



Patrice Catanzaro store

Fashion tends to evolve every year with such big changes from colors, patterns, design and more, changes that could mean an opportunity to give birth into a new person who wants to be different, who wants to attractive and who wants to be noticed. Here at Patrice Catanzaro, our sexy fetish collection evolves constantly through the year with different motifs, forms of fashion and style. A fetish and burlesque collection gives the definition of mysterious beauty.

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Fetish 2010 Patrice Catanzaro is for the woman who seeks something different, the fetish and burlesque style with one of a kind beauty that can make your looks and image stand above others, an erotic collection made by world renowned French designer, Patrice Catanzaro. The creation of Patrice Catanzaro collection renders and woman an erotic beauty. The fetish and burlesque beauty which helps them attract and seduce others. Achieve your desirable erotic fantasies and have the opportunity to create your world of fetish excitement with Patrice Catanzaro. Let your body have this sexy fetish clothing from Patrice Catanzaro. We have sexy dresses, boots, babydolls, stockings, shirts and more. Grab your exciting fetish wardrobe that would complete your closet. A collection which makes use of such fetish materials “laquer” made of black latex with spandex condition that grabs your body with excellent comfort, ease movement and unrestraint  


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Patrice Catanzaro gives you a fetish collection like no other. Pass through your limits with your own sexy fetish wear. A fetish collection worth everything for what it brings to you, but that doesn't break the bank. Patrice Catanzaro features a burlesque collection offering quality clothing with lots of surprising designs and style.

Fetish clothing should not be confused with styles exclusive to BDSM, costuming and cosplay communities.

Exotic and playful, Patrice Catanzaro lingerie and couture fashions are made with top of the line materials that are sleek, breathable, and designed to enhance a woman's natural curves. From sexy bustiers to garters, bras to stockings, dresses and shoes, Patrice Catanzaro provides the perfect selection for the woman who dares to be different.

The innovative soft lacquer and vinyl used in Patrice Catanzaro's innovative designs creates flattering silhouettes with second-skin comfort. Reminiscent of leather and latex, each unique piece features fabric that is safe for most sensitive skin types and it's so easy to slip on and off. Made in France, this Patrice Catanzaro line of fetish styles explores seduction and adventure without compromising quality or details.

Fetish clothing should not be confused with styles exclusive to BDSM, costuming and cosplay communities. While it is true that many participating in those activities do appreciate this style, Patrice Catanzaro's fetish line is for the daring, the different and the exotic fashionista. The look combines leather, lace, and latex to bring together some of the most unique and provocative designs. If you are interested in livening up your love life by being a bit naughty and a lot sexy, check out Patrice Catanzaro's masterpieces. His fashions embrace your skin and invigorate your senses.

catanzaro catanzaro combi catanzaro robe catanzaro rouge catanzaro sac a main

In Patrice Catanzaro's bra selection, you will find everything from simple cups to those with clear ruffle lace or glittering chain work. For an ultra-feminine design, he has g-strings made of soft satin, adorned with red hearts. If you're looking for something edgier, he also offers a g-string in vinyl and metallic fishnet. Dresses can be found with peek-a-book cutouts, plunging necklines, sheer lace, and sexy straps. Even tracksuits and workout gear are undeniably sexy with their form-fitting design and empowering style. Garter belts, short sets, cocktail shoes, corsets, leggings, masks and cloaks - all featuring Catanzaro's provocative flair - round out this collection.

It is also important to note that Patrice Catanzaro isn't just for women! Although his selections are primarily for the adventurous woman, you can find T-shirts and tanks in wet vinyl and latex for men. Seductive and inviting, these tops hug muscular chests and tapered waistlines. Pair that with leather pants and boots with a chain motif, and you're ready for a night out.

Whether you are new to this style or a fetish clothing veteran, you will not be disappointed with Patrice Catanzaro's exotic designs and affordable prices. 

Store Fetish : Patrice Catanzaro

The basic look becomes a complex beauty, body that sheers its shape and curves in a lusty fetish figure. The mirage of fetish world which gives a terrific seduction that enables you to walk through your erotic fantasy closer to reality, the gap between illusion and real world is diminished in such sexy burlesque way.
Patrice Catanzaro Fetish boutique Boutique Fetish store
A replenish of unique style and fashion with mysterious beauty that cloaks the body with great sensual and erotic figure, having the unrivaled collection which tone and contour every single part of your skin with fetism. Brace yourself as your body transform into a goddess of fetish beauty, the beauty delivered by Storepatricecatanzaro.com a fetish and burlesque store which derives from erotic style and fashion, bringing the different sense of style and fashion to every woman’s closet. Storepatricecatanzaro.com tries to patch the holes in your heart by teaching the body to have the posture of fetish and burlesque idea. The idea which enhances your confidence and boost every woman’s personality in expressing herself with fetish and burlesque craft in this modern society, Storepatricecatanzaro.com start to trim the body with sexy sides by providing the fetish and burlesque collection made with such professionalism that can compete in this erotic battle of supremacy. A fetish collection by Patrice Catanzaro who was born from France to give a spectacular fetish collection that gives burlesques body with exciting and enticing style, a collection derives from Patrice Catanzaro brilliant fetish mind. A collection with impeccable design using unique laquer material, sexy cuts, fishnets allure and more which gives outstanding shine of master piece.
Fetish Fetish store Store patrice catanzaro
The fetish and burlesque collection by Patrice Catanzaro offers different styles of sexy clothing from dresses, boots, leggings, lingerie, bras and a lot more. Patrice Catanzaro will definitely spice up your image with gorgeous mystery and temptation. We have fetish clothing that will surely give you the path to satisfaction.

Let Patrice Catanzaro free your body without any struggles to movement, refresh your image with excellent evolution of sexiness. Have the peace of mind with Patrice Catanzaro, the fetish and burlesque aura which can be sensed and felt by others, the head turns and jaw dropping looks, have the smile onn your face with the Patrice Catanzaro collection.

Walk through your street with chin up stands, cities lights, reveal and unleashed your desire in having a great partner of fetish fashion here at Patrice Catanzaro. We have a collection to seduce every single person who can manage to witness your beauty and stunning figure. The Patrice Catanzaro collection can be delivered right in your hands. Browse and click to find your pefect fetish style. 



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